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About Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman was elected in 2013 and has served as your Councilman for the last 4 years. He’s 34 years old and has lived in Westland for over 20 years. Kevin has served on the Westland Festival Committee and the Westland Veterans Association. He has raised funds for many causes including Camp Liberty, Veterans Memorial Garden of Westland, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

  • Fought for hiring 3 additional Firefighters
  • Added 4 Police Officers
  • Opposed 2014 tax increase


Elections Start Time

On August 7th, 2018 – The people of Wayne and Westland will vote to decide on who will represent them in Lansing for the next 2 years.

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 Campaign Policies

Protect Middle Class Jobs

Let’s make the most of the recent upturn in our State’s economy by promoting skilled trades and vocational job training. I will fight to bring more jobs and investment to Wayne and Westland as your new State Representative.

Invest in Education

Michigan now ranks 42nd out of 50 in US News and World Report’s Education Index. This is simply not good enough and with a surplus in our State’s budget, I will show up and put in the work to ensure our schools get the proper per-pupil funding they need to provide a solid education to our children and young-adults.

Boost Senior Services

Seniors have paid a high price during the last 8 years under our current Governor. I will fight to repeal the double-tipping tax on pensions. Health care and car insurance are also sky-high in our State and I pledge to fight to lower these exorbitant costs of living for seniors and all Michiganders.

Fix the Roads

As we all know, our roads have become some of the worst in the nation. We can no longer afford to wait a few years, while Lansing debates and fails to fund adequate road reconstruction. I will demand higher quality road standards and more revenue be passed to our cities and counties to once again bring decent roads to our citizens!

Regulate Auto Insurance

We all know that insurance rates in Wayne County are among the highest in Michigan. Ending discriminatory policies like “red-lining” and rates based on will be a major objective of mine as your next State Representative.


Prescription drug prices and access to affordable healthcare coverage are a necessity and truly a matter of life and death. We must work together to protect the vulnerable in our State and making healthcare accessible to all needs to be accomplished.


Our Goals

Returning Michigan to prosperity is no small task. Here is a brief outline of some of our key goals to help get Wayne and Westland on the right track.

Fund Public Safety
Fix The Roads
When our main thoroughfares are damaged and potholes abound, residents and local businesses suffer.  Road repairs and reconstruction are needed state-wide, and must be made a priority again. 
Attract Business Investment


Thank You For Your Support

If we want a stronger, smarter State of Michigan, we have to fund public safety in our cities, lower the high cost of living for retirees, and protect middle class jobs. As your next State Representative, I will show up, work hard, and never quit when it comes to improving our community. I want to work for everyone in Wayne, Westland, and our entire State as a whole. Please consider donating to our campaign, volunteering by telling your neighbors to vote August 7th, displaying a yard sign, or signing up to help us make phone calls. Thanks for your trust and I look forward to continuing to work hard for you in Lansing!
-Kevin Coleman



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